Nice Dress Up Celebrities photos

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Nice Dress Up Celebrities photos

A few nice dress up celebrities images I found:

Kyle Gass @ Blizzcon 2010 dress up celebrities
Image by brianjmatis Kyle Gass of Tenacious D performs at the closing concert for Blizzcon 2010. Jack Black came dressed as a wizard, but Kyle, well, Kyle sort of misunderstood and came dressed as a lizard instead. Sadly, this confusion led to Jack getting angry and the band breaking up. Fortunately, they got back together again in just a few minutes.

'Wardrobe mishap', as it happened last summer dress up celebrities
Image by CharlesFred Strictly Come Dancing, last Saturday started with a wardrobe mishap which had the celebrity (Chelsee Healey) in tears after a bit of her boob bobbed up above her dress. No tears here. Other face hidden to protect the identity and privacy of the subject. By the way, I am back in Istanbul (work this time)!

Bookworm 1960s - Bad Hair Day dress up celebrities
Image by Coffeelatte Not sure what year, but sometime in the 1960s. It must have been Christmas at Aunt Max's & Uncle Frankie's lake house? Always had my nose stuck in a book or magazine -- they got Look and Life and Readers Digest and Prevention. I think I learned a lot about UFOs, whole foods and celebrities from reading those back issues. Hated my bangs. Hated those black knee socks. Probably hated the smocking on that dress, too. Loved Aunt Max, Uncle Frankie and Aunt Mary. There are many good memories in those holidays. If this one took the usual course, we probably had dinner around 10pm -- after dining on an appetizer or microwaved mini-hotdogs. Hot fudge sundaes to follow. Lots of mixed drinks for the grown-ups. Ah, those were the days.