Nice Celebrity Couples photos

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Nice Celebrity Couples photos

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Of Fame and Failure - 1/3 A short series celebrity couples
Image by maxymedia I hope you really like these images - I think they're some of my best (or at least different and creative) so far. It's funny where things come from, the inspiration to make things happen - when the elements fall in place and combine - a conversation with a friend on fame and failure; - seeing these theatrical masks in a shop then sitting in the studio for a couple of weeks without any real purpose; - an imprompt photo test shoot this morning as my meetings today postponed And then you start shooting - the people walking along the beach thinking you completely mad (maybe they're right). THen back in the office - opening the raw shots - "cool" you think and edit away - lost in some zone for hours. Finally satisfied you post and share - wondering what you will think? Connect Website: www.maxyphoto.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/Scott.Maxworthy.Photography Twitter: www.twitter.com/maxyphoto

Bill Gates & Tom Brokaw celebrity couples
Image by pmeidinger So, I was back home in Watertown, SD, for Dad's 60th birthday. I was bored at home one afternoon, and my brother called from work to tell me he heard Bill Gates just arrived in town and was at the public library. Yeah, Bill Gates flew to little ol' Watertown for some walleye fishing, right? I went anyway. Hung around the library (with many others expecting to see the guy) for 15-20 minutes and didn't see him. Someone said Bill and Tom Brokaw were going to the county courthouse. So I went out to my car and waited for them, to see where they would go. Sure enough, a black Suburban pulled up, and out of the library stroll Bill and Tom. I snapped a couple photos, but was too far away for them to be recognizable. I got this rush of excitement: I must follow them to the courthouse! I must get photos! It was weird, I don't get celebrity crazy like this -- especially for some giga-rich CEO of a software company. Anyway, I broke a few speed limits and raced to the courthouse. A few minutes later, the Gates-Brokaw convoy arrived. A camera crew and some other folks scoped the area, then Bill and Tom walked around talking while the camera crew recorded the segment. The cool thing was that the only people on the courthouse lawn were me, Bill, Tom, the entourage, and some older guy walking by that noticed the cameras. He introduced himself and started talking to Gates (who appeared less-than-thrilled to make his acquaintance). I just snapped my pictures, and didn't think about asking for autographs. If it had been Steve Jobs, however...

Gene Simmons walking through the San Diego Convention Center celebrity couples
Image by San Diego Shooter I was walking through the convention halls and Gene Simmons suddenly appears.....he was mobbed pretty fast but I managed to take a couple shots